Objects with history, patina, marks others have made, and imperfections from lives well-lived, I connect to long-lost relics rediscovered - vertu patched, repaired, threadbare, rusted, and unearthed.

Much of my inspiration comes from eight years living in and twenty-five years traveling about Europe. Engaging in a variety of gleaned skills (weaving, stitching, felt making, leatherwork, and surface design) from years of curious exploration, I create both small and large-scale sculptures incorporating objects from the natural world - intrinsically weaving together contemporary applications of traditional artisanal crafts.

This site is a collection, a gallery, of my work.

Through my sister company, Rara Avis Design (raraavisdesign.com), I provide bespoke installations, window displays, interior styling, retail build-outs, product design, and residential and commercial renovations.

My studio is in beautiful Bozeman, Montana but, I’m always willing to travel for exciting design opportunities and interesting projects.

Please contact me for queries info@jenniferaldendesign.com.